How do we make money? It’s actually pretty simple. If you choose to check out and become a customer of any of the loan providers featured on our site, we get compensated for sending you their way. This helps pay for our amazing staff of writers (many of which are paying back student loans of their own!). Bottom line: We’re here for you. So please learn all you can, email us with any questions, and feel free to visit or not visit any of the loan providers on our site. Read less Whether you’ve… Read Article →

Set up depot and fund savings plan – how it works! You need a deposit and have to set up a fund savings plan. Then invest the savings plan regularly insecurities. And without you having to worry about it. You set the saving rate and rhythm when setting up the fund savings plan. You achieve a profit by price increases on the stock exchange. How can I set up a fund savings plan for my depot? First of all, the question: Do you need a depot for a fund savings plan? Yes! Because through the… Read Article →

 The Chamber approves the extra credit and requests diligence from the Government in its management Santa Cruz de Tenerife, July 19 (EFE) .- The law of extraordinary credit of 340 million euros was approved today by the parliamentary groups that, in the case of CC, PP and NC, approved amendments for 63 million without forgetting the requirement to the Government to be diligent in its management and criticism of the PSOE, for which it comes to plug holes. The law granting extraordinary credit, amounting to 50,888,548.26 euros, and credit supplement for 289,111,451.74 to the General… Read Article →

 This weekend, 10 and 11 February, held in Madrid sustainably, the first exhibition dedicated to learn, acquire and share solutions, products and simple ideas for a greener and sustainable living. It is celebrated in the Casa Encendida of Madrid during the 10th and 11th of February and has been organized by Transitando. Ecology and education for a sustainable city and La Casa Encendida. It will be a meeting aimed at all audiences in which through exhibitors, workshops and talks will be announced products and ideas to lead a more ecological and sustainable life. Throughout the… Read Article →

Hiring personal loans without knowing how to choose the right term can give us problems, such as fees or interest that is too high. Not only interest or commissions are a determining factor in the cost of a loan; the extension of the deadlines is another decisive element that influences the total quota. Personal loans with short terms tend to leave a monthly fee too high when you have to repay the loan in too short a time. And choosing a too long term will make the monthly payment lower, but they entail a higher… Read Article →

Learning to manage our money can be fun. There are many games that promote, in a simple way, the understanding of concepts, as well as the development of skills and strategies in personal finance issues, for example: make a budget, save, invest, ask for a loan, pay debts or take out insurance . We recommend 10 table games with which you will have a good time and they will help you to promote a healthy financial culture at home. Children will learn to differentiate financial concepts and they will also try out habits that, in… Read Article →

If in order to overloaded alongside with your debts? Worried sick? And don’t know which way to turn? What might you do? And who can help you out? Nonetheless, you just need not be concerned. And Relax!! There can be a solution towards any involving problems. Nowadays in our time, economic debts are major trouble. But now everything is possible, there’s help at your hand whether your problems are personal debt or business debt. There exists someone to help, take the first step to solve your problems while choosing payday borrowing products directly from citrus… Read Article →

25.04.2013 – Insurance tip Now it starts again: the wedding season. Because the warm season between May and August is particularly popular with those willing to marry to give the vow. 1 But beware: Anyone who dares should also think of possible consequences in the wet-happy celebration. If damage occurs at a bachelor party and wedding party, the right insurance coverage is important. A bachelor party, stag party, wedding party – who enters into the covenant for life is not always a true party marathon. Even before the wedding, the celebration begins when the bride… Read Article →

Protection for horse and rider The guides provide general information. Product details of CosmosDirekt can be found on the respective product pages. Horses are beautiful and powerful animals. But with this power, they can do great damage – albeit without evil will. As a horse owner you are liable to one hundred percent if your pet causes damage. Every horse owner should take out horse owner liability. In the guide you will learn everything about the subject of horse liability insurance. A voluntary insurance that not only protects horse owners against financial risks. Table of… Read Article →

Same day loans Same day loans are a very quick way to lend money. It does not require an individual to go anywhere to lend money. He/she is just needed to fill in an application form on the website of the lender with the details. Once the form is usually filled, a person may effortlessly get the loan approved. The internet form-filling does not consider more than few minutes to complete. When the form is filled with almost all details, it is forwarded for even more verification. If everything is really as per the… Read Article →

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