10 games of finance for children

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Learning to manage our money can be fun. There are many games that promote, in a simple way, the understanding of concepts, as well as the development of skills and strategies in personal finance issues, for example: make a budget, save, invest, ask for a loan, pay debts or take out insurance .

We recommend 10 table games with which you will have a good time and they will help you to promote a healthy financial culture at home. Children will learn to differentiate financial concepts and they will also try out habits that, in the future, will allow them to increase their quality of life and have economic tranquility.

1. Monopoly

It is perhaps the most popular game in the world about saving and investing in real estate. Monopoly, as the name implies, is about building a monopoly, acquiring the most properties. If you run out of property and without money, you will have lost.

In this game you will learn how to save, create passive income (income that comes from your investments), pay debts and manage contingencies or emergencies.

An advantage of this game is that it is extremely accessible and you can find it practically in any supermarket for around $ 300, or in online stores. In addition, you can play it at: https://www.hasbro.com/es-mx/brands/monopoly/games

One disadvantage is that it is difficult to finish the game being all friends.

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2. Weight decisions

This is a fun Mexican game. Look for you to go from improvisation, common habit among Mexicans, to foresight, planning and financial management. Despite generating competition, the game encourages collaboration among the participants, so that each one achieves financial success.

You will learn about definition of goals, use of credit tools for the payment of debts, basic accounting, as well as other financial concepts.

You can get it in the store of the Interactive Museum of Economics (MIDE).


His name is a modification of the word “caban”, which in Mayan numerology represented the number 17. This game will force you to apply your knowledge in mathematics to become financially successful.

The objective of the game is to learn to make decisions to get out of the “work circle” and enter the “circle of investors, owners of companies and corporations.” Everyone will fight for shares of companies, houses of social interest and for not having more children (which means having more expenses). The idea is to generate income that allows you to stop worrying about your expenses or debts.

This game lets us see that anyone can be an investor without having a lot of money, which is more about learning to make decisions that allow you to grow the little or a lot of money you have.

You will have to perform basic accounting exercises, you will know concepts such as cash flow or passive income and principles of economics linked to real life.

It is also available in the MIDE, for $ 399.

6. Who do you work for?

You will define a strategy of how to make money work for you and not work for money. Without a doubt, it is an important trigger for children to learn to manage healthy finances and perform actions that give them real economic growth. Perhaps, many adults will even realize that they have made many incorrect decisions. You can buy it at www.liverti.com.mx

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7. My Sunday

You will make an exercise of saving, investment and smart spending. You will realize that the money is saved after fulfilling certain obligations, such as paying credits or debts; but the challenge will be to make it grow.

You can buy it for $ 249, through the portal www.liverti.com.mx

8. Financial Trimemory

It helps to know the definition of financial concepts with images referring to the Mexican Financial System. It has three levels of complexity: basic, intermediate and advanced. Buy it at www.juegosfinancieros.com.mx or get it on free market.

Also, the Bank of Mexico offers another memory game, with three levels of difficulty. You will learn the basic characteristics of a credit card, budget, mortgage credit, debit card, electronic transfers, mobile banking, investment, SPEI, among others. Download it for free here and play online here .  

9. Financial lottery

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Under the same concept of a traditional lottery, you will learn about institutions, instruments, entities and financial objects. In this game not only the name of these concepts is said, rather the description of each concept is said, to correctly associate it with the image on your board.

Buy it at: www.juegosfinancieros.com.mx

10. Time and money

This game is very simple, but it will help children to identify coins and bills from Mexico, as well as develop their mathematical reasoning. Available at www.liberti.com .mx

So choose one of these fun games to teach your children how to maintain healthy personal finances. Remember that it will be easier for children to acquire skills that, in the future, allow them to have an excellent relationship with their money. Also, who knows, the same and you also realize something you were doing wrong.

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