Set up depot and fund savings plan

Set up depot and fund savings plan – how it works!

You need a deposit and have to set up a fund savings plan. Then invest the savings plan regularly insecurities. And without you having to worry about it. You set the saving rate and rhythm when setting up the fund savings plan. You achieve a profit by price increases on the stock exchange.

How can I set up a fund savings plan for my depot?

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First of all, the question: Do you need a depot for a fund savings plan? Yes! Because through the depot you handle all purchases and sales of stocks and bonds. In addition, the deposit is, so to speak, the repository of your securities. You can easily open an appropriate securities account online at the bank of your choice.
What else is needed for this? In addition to the deposit, you need a checking account or a money market account as a reference account. On this will be posted with the savings plan profits.
If you have a current account and deposit, you can set up your fund savings plan. This too is easily done digitally via your online banking. In order to set up the fund savings plan in addition to the custody account, the bank requires the following information from investors:

  • Dates: When should the austerity plan begin, when should it end?
  • Amount of the savings rate: Would you like to invest 50 € or more?
  • The rhythm of the deposited amount: Would you like to save the savings plan monthly, quarterly or only once a year?
  • Time of payment: At the beginning, middle or end of the month
  • Selection of fund shares: Specify which funds you would like to save
  • Identification number: Funds and ETFs are exactly identified by a specific number. In order for the savings plan to run exactly as you wish, you must provide the identification number of the funds to be saved. This is identified as ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) or WKN (Securities Identification Number).

After you have provided all the information, you will receive a transaction number (TAN) from your bank. With this, you release your fund savings plan.

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Set up depot and fund savings plan: The most important thing in a nutshell


Do you want to use the opportunity to build up a fortune with small regular amounts? Here again, summarized all the essential information:

  • What do you need to set up a fund savings plan?

A depot
A reference account, for example, checking account

  • How can you set up the depot and fund savings plan?

Completely digital via online banking

  • What should you watch out for when setting up the deposit and fund savings plan?

Look for a bank that offers a free deposit account. You have already found with the 1822direkt.

Find out if the offer includes funds and ETFs for which there is no sales charge.

A savings plan offers the chance of high returns as well as a diversification of the risk because you do not invest exclusively in one share, but rather in a portfolio of stocks, funds, real estate or precious metals. Keep in mind, however, that a residual risk in securities trading always remains. Therefore, think carefully about the risk you want to take.