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I must admit that the title tricked me into something. ‘They Both Die at the End’ by Adam Silvera is so revealing to the end that it is almost a provocation. And at the same time, it also made me incredibly curious, because what happens to the protagonists die? I had generally heard good about the book before I sat down to read it, but I couldn’t wonder if it was a book that would take me by a storm or if I would end up thinking it was a little overrated.


Mateo is called a little over midnight by a Death-Cast employee and is told he will die today. Another place in town gets Rufus the same message. The two teenagers do not know each other, but the common destiny – that they must die today – ends up bringing them together and getting them on a journey they had not thought possible. Because can you really learn so much about yourself and life when you only have a few hours left to live in?

The best:

It’s a very exciting premise – what will you do on the last day you live, and how will you react to your family and friends? Do you want to keep them close to you, or will you push them away from you so they won’t see you die? It gets the book well-lit up based on the protagonists’ actions and not least by persons who appear in some chapters.

The worst:

Unfortunately, I didn’t think the story was as touching as I had hoped for. First of all, the book is too long in relation to what history can bear, and it lacked depth. In addition, the relationship between the two boys quickly developed to be so close that it seemed unreliable and it seemed to be forced.


Recommended for:

Are you into youth books that are bursting with life and hope but which can also hurt a little, then this book may be for you?


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