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Our first e-book, The Future of Reproductive Rights, brings you in-depth expertise on the issues raised by the United States Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade earlier this year.

The removal of the constitutional right to abortion in the United States has repercussions far beyond a country’s borders. With that in mind, a team of writers from The Conversation felt compelled to come together on a special project when the decision was announced. We have produced a collection of articles that seek to inform, inspire and provide guidance to anyone who now finds themselves having difficult conversations on the politically tense topic of abortion.

Our e-book informs readers about how the Supreme Court decision came about as well as how it is likely to inspire copycat action elsewhere – even in countries where reproductive rights once seemed an issue. settled.

For me, a vital task was to open the conversation about abortion to help men understand the benefits they too derive from the right to choose. The e-book therefore includes thought-provoking work on how we can all reframe our thinking for this purpose.

There’s even a guide for anyone now looking to do their part to support reproductive freedom in the wake of the ruling.

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