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There is no shortage of quality e-book reading apps online. Apps available for Android and iOS platforms allow listening to audiobooks as well as reading e-books or other digital content. Apps usually support almost all or at least most popular file formats so users can read most anything they want to browse which can be e-books, magazines, PDFs, etc Here are some of the best eBook reader apps for Android and iOS platforms.

For Android

1. Amazon Kindle App

No list of e-book reading apps would be complete without Amazon’s Kindle app. In fact, the first thing you’ll probably think of when you think of e-books is the Kindle or vice versa. The Kindle app is available for free for Android and iOS devices, including smartphones and tablets as well as Mac and Windows devices. The app offers a simple interface that is well suited to the particular type of device the app is installed on. Buying new books is never a chore while your existing e-book purchases are neatly stored in your library where every title is easily accessible. All in all, one of the best e-book reading apps you can have if you don’t mind being confined to the Amazon ecosystem.

2. Google Play Books

This is Google’s e-book reading software, available for free on the Google Play Store. It offers a large collection of books as well as audiobooks that may not be as extensive as Amazon’s, but still enough to cover most of your needs. The app’s interface is also simple and inviting, while the page turning animation is also among the best around. Several filters are available to allow the most efficient search operation. This way, researching new titles or purchasing them is easy so you can get up to speed with reading your books in no time. The application can be downloaded and installed on any device running Android.

3. Wattpad

One of the biggest advantages of Wattpad eBook reader software is its simple user interface which makes it easy to use even by those who may not be too tech-focused. Searching for new titles is a snap and can be done using book codes or, as Albawaba mentioned, through internal browsers as well. Moreover, the app also offers several customization options, which also include the ways to change text and browser colors, as well as font colors and other settings.

4. Media365 Book Reader

It is another eBook reader software which is free and available for Android and iOS platforms. With the Media365 book reader, users will be able to read the books available in the library for a small fee. Another good thing with the app is that it allows authors to self-publish their writing, which means it has a large collection of independent novels and such content. That said, there is also other mainstream and best-selling content, making this a balanced collection of indie and mainstream novels.


A unique feature of the FBReader application is its multilingual support, allowing you to read up to 34 languages. With the app, you can also organize your library by author or title, making finding a title easy and efficient. Other app features include bookmarks and synced reading locations. The app is available for Android and iOS and is ideal for reading ePub content as well as many other eBook formats. That said, the application is also compatible with other platforms such as Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

For iOS

1. Apple Books

It is easily the best e-book reading software you can have while on the Apple iOS platform. There is an extensive collection of e-books and audiobooks to mine, which you can get directly from Apple and not from third-party sources. There are almost always multiple options available for almost any genre, whether it’s thrillers, fiction, non-fiction, children’s titles, mysteries, self-help books, and more. Additionally, there are several options available for organizing your collections, including categorizing the most recently purchased or recently played titles.

2. Libby, by Overdrive

The Libby app can make a lot of sense if your local library offers a digital content lending service. This way, you won’t have to buy all the titles you want. On the contrary, you can always borrow it from the local library of which you are probably already a member. Libby relies on the Overdrive digital media management system to borrow audiobooks and eBooks which are then made available to users. To use Libby, you must be a member of the local library. You will then need to log in with the library membership card and access the digital content offered by the library. You can search for titles, put them on hold, if necessary, extend the loan or return after reading the content.

3. Scribd

Scribd has a huge collection of e-books and audiobooks to offer, although the only advantage it has over its rivals is that it also has sheet music collections and research papers to offer as well. The quality of digital content is comparable to best in class. Think of any eBook or audiobook title and you can be pretty sure you’ll get the same from Scribd. There is also an Android version of the app which allows users to sync their playback across all platforms.

4. Kobo Books

Kobo has a fine collection of eBooks, audiobooks, and other digital content that easily totals over half a million. Along with bestsellers and content that adapts to all genres, Kobo also allows for self-publishing, which means it’s also a great source for independent novels.

5. Hyphen

Hyphen e-book reader app is different from others in that it does not have its own collection of digital content. This means that you will have to add your own content to the application, which is also ideal for understanding ePub files. There are several settings available to customize the app to suit your preferences, including options to change the font, size, or color of the text or background to your liking. Another cool feature of Kobo Books is Reading Life, where you can chat with friends and family about the books you’ve read, share quotes, and more.

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