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Demand for e-books has increased during the pandemic, and it’s no wonder. You can skip a trip to a library or bookstore; simply download an e-book to your tablet, smartphone or computer. Can’t read lowercase characters? Simply tap or click to enlarge.

Many public libraries lend e-books; if you’re not borrowing them already, ask a librarian to help you get started. And here are some other good sources of free e-books.


Project Gutenberg

This non-profit library digitizes books out of copyright and now in the public domain. On the website, scroll down to Find Free eBooks. For suggestions, click Frequently Downloaded, then Top 100 eBooks of Yesterday. Choose one, then click Download this eBook. To read on a computer, tablet or phone, click Read this book online: HTML, and the pages will appear on your screen. For Kindle download instructions, search online.


Library of Congress

Without traveling to Washington, DC, you can read many rare and important works, such as a collection of Chinese history or a biography of Babe Ruth written by one of his Yankees teammates. You can also browse old posters, court notices, newspapers and more.

Romance novels

Harlequin online readings

Every week, this bodice rippers publisher publishes chapters of new books written by its authors. You do not know where to start ? The site makes it easy for you with a list of moods: Do you want to fall in love? Take a walk on the dark side? To get started, create a free account, then click on the book you want to read. It will open on your computer, or you can download the free Book Breaks app to read it on your tablet or phone.

New titles

Amazon Prime reads

If you’re an Amazon Prime member who loves trying new authors but doesn’t have the patience to browse, sign up for Amazon Prime Reads and you’ll get a steady supply of books. Each month you will receive an email with a selection of free options. You can download one or two directly to your Kindle or Kindle app. It’s a nice perk of your Prime subscription, currently $139 per year.

Reader Recommendations

Free Goodreads Shelves

On this site where bookworms rate and review books, you can view many free samples by clicking on a book title and then clicking preview. To find free eBooks and other excerpts, go to One downside: Some titles may have been free when a fan listed them, but they’re no longer available.

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