City violinist publishes second edition of music book


Violinist and music composer Manoj George has released the second edition of his book ‘My Journey with Violin-Volume 1’. The book has two volumes.

The new edition features four additional pages of original and popular compositions, in addition to those featured in the sold-out first book. “Several music schools have adopted my book in their curriculum to teach the violin”, informs Manoj.

He started teaching music about 30 years ago, performing and composing music on the side.

“I used to write certain notes, including little melodies, so that my students would understand them. I will make copies and pass them around. Soon many started suggesting that I publish these notes,” he recalls how the idea to write a book came about.

He compiled these notes into the first volume of the book for beginners (from age nine) during lockdown and published them in 2020. Volume 2 (for those who have completed volume 1) came out in February of this year.

The Kindle version was sold in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East, while the paperback was released in India. These books will enable music students to pass examinations at Trinity College London, ABRSM and the London College of Music, he adds.

The Kasavanahalli resident started working on the second edition in March. Volume 3 and a volume for primary school children (4 to 8 years old) are in preparation.

Audio and backing tracks for each lesson in the books are available on YouTube. The book is available on Amazon for Rs 449.

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