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Investors view investing in assets as a way to generate more income and secure their financial future. Rather than focusing on immediate consumption, investing focuses on the future use of the assets. In fact, the income from investment vehicles is the main attraction for investors around the world. Savvy investors analyze the market before buying an asset and invest in vehicles that offer the most return at the lowest risk. At the same time, it is also about selling the assets at the right time at a price higher than the purchase price. So, those interested in wealth creation and income generation cannot deny the importance of investments.

Investing Simplified is a book that offers insight into the world of investing while raising awareness of its importance. Saikh Muzzammil Ehsan, a graduate of the University of Delhi with a B.Com, is knowledgeable about the different types of investment vehicles that exist in the broad investment industry. With the dream of sharing his knowledge with those around him, he wrote this book which finally saw the light of day in 2020.

In an age when everyone strives for financial stability, investing activities can provide an opportunity to achieve individual financial goals effortlessly. The returns it provides on long-lived assets also support the elderly and retirees. In addition, investment is also an effective means of stimulating the overall economic growth of the country by enabling the creation of capital. Investing Simplified educates people on all of these important aspects of investing to encourage them to invest in the stock market.

However, in addition to profitable returns, there are many risk factors involved in any investment business. Therefore, investors should also pay attention to investment decisions before making a buy or sell. Investment Simplify talks about all of these risk factors so that it is easier for investors to make investment decisions. As funds are committed for a longer period, this can drastically affect your earning potential. Deploying larger funds into bad assets can ruin your financial wealth very quickly. Thus, identifying the degree of risk and determining the profitability of the business should be high on the list of priorities for any experienced or new investor. This eBook organized on the stock market explains all these risk management techniques that an investor must deploy when analyzing an investment opportunity.

Saikh wanted his book to be useful to both experienced and novice investors. This author’s vision set Investing Simplified apart from other investing books. Rather than focusing on complex industry terms and jargon, the eBook deploys straightforward terms and practical examples to explain complex concepts like investing and the stock market. Thanks to Saikh’s careful and practical approach, Investing Simplified has become a comprehensive guide to investing that will encourage all who want to share a better future through safe investing activities.

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