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Belinda Train with her daughter and author Leah Indra Gauntlett.

Kindle and other e-reading platforms have opened up a world of options for book lovers, expanding their options to millions of titles not necessarily available on store shelves.

A pre-teen from False Bay added her own work to the list of titles, after writing her first book titled Griffon’s house during the initial containment last year. Leah Indra Gauntlett, the author, added her book to the genre of children’s mystery adventure.

Griffon’s house talks about a small town called SneezePenny Bower that has lost all of its life and magic. The story centers on the courageous quest of two young heroes, Quinn and Zig, who save the magic of the evil tyrant Navada and bring it back to their hometown, ”says 12-year-old Leah.

The idea came to him on a road trip through Wynberg.

“My inspiration came from seeing an old blue house in Chelsea Village called the Griffin House when I was driving with my dad. It sparked the idea. “

After this trip, she says she put her free time to good use.

“I was very motivated because I was stuck in the house during the lockdown with free time. I’ve always loved writing stories, so it gave me a good opportunity, ”says Leah.

She was also inspired by bestselling author JK Rowling.

“During the confinement, she released a beautiful story titled The Ickabog, accompanied by an illustration competition for children. I had one of my photos published in the South African version and it inspired me even more to write my own children’s story.

Over the next few months, the Constantia Waldorf school learner took the time to prepare her story.

Leah explains, “I spent some time writing every day for about six weeks. Then I had a long break of about four weeks and it was very difficult to sit down and motivate myself to finish. But it probably took three months in total.

Although she has faced the challenges of Grade 7, she is still eager to pick up the pen again.

“I absolutely plan to write more books! There are so many different stories to tell. I love so many different kinds of books, but my favorite is probably Heartwarming Adventure. “

Leah says she loves art too; paint and draw. She even did the cover illustration for her story.

Of her daughter’s impressive accomplishments, Belinda Train says, “I was surprised and impressed by the intricacy of Leah’s plot and all of her lovely characters. I still don’t know which character I prefer!

“I wasn’t surprised that she finished a story because she has always been creative, productive and motivated. Her father and I are both very proud of her.

Griffon’s house by Leah Indra Gauntlett will be available for free download on the Kindle app on on Friday, May 21.

The Kindle app is available for free download on any device.

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