Here’s how to delete an e-book from your Kindle


One of the reasons Kindles are in such demand is their ability to hold lots of books, maybe your entire library, while still having room for more. Amazon has also made sure that buying new eBooks is super easy, it’s just a few clicks away and you can get started right away with your favorite title. It’s the same the other way around, that is, it’s just as easy to delete eBooks from your Kindle. Here’s how to delete eBooks from your Kindle.

Before you start

The thing to keep in mind here is that eBooks that you buy from Amazon, rent, or add to your Kindle device are stored in two places: the native storage on your Kindle or the Kindle Library. The latter refers to the cloud library that serves as a placeholder for all your e-books. The Kindle device will however carry the cover image of the e-books you own and tapping on it once will download the e-book to your device from the Kindle library.

So, when you want to delete an e-book completely, you need to delete it from both places, i.e. the Kindle device as well as the Kindle library. Here’s how.

Deleting an eBook from the Kindle device

  1. Go to your Kindle device’s home screen.
  2. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner and select Settings.
  3. Go to Device Options > Advanced Options > Storage Management > Manual Delete.
  4. Select Books.
  5. Tap the eBooks you want to delete and tap Delete.

The point to note here is that this does not remove the book from the Kindle library, only from the Kindle device storage. This is useful when you want to free up space on the Kindle device. However, since it’s still in the Kindle library, just tap on it and the book will be downloaded to your Kindle device again. Read on if you also want to remove the book from the Kindle library. This will cause the book to be completely deleted from your account.

Delete an eBook from the Kindle Library

This can be done through the Kindle device itself or the Kindle app on iOS and Android. The steps are essentially the same.

  1. Select the Library tab on the Kindle home screen or in the app.
  2. Find the e-book you want to delete.
  3. Long press on the book until a menu appears.
  4. Select “Delete from Library” or “Permanently Delete”, as appropriate.
  5. Consent to any confirmation message that appears.

The book will be permanently deleted from your Kindle library as well as the Kindle device. If you need this title again, you will have to buy it back.

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