Jared VanderMeer’s Best-Selling Non-Fiction Marketing Book, If You Sell You Lose


If You Sell You Lose – A Modern Marketing Handbook

A book that changes the way you look at your marketing strategy.

Value will always equal value, something that will never change in your marketing mindset.

– Jared VanderMeer

VICTORIA, BC, CANADA, September 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Last fall, marketing expert and first author Jared vandermeer published his non-fiction marketing book, If you sell you lose. The book has been published with excellent reviews and initial sales and is available for purchase on Amazon as a paperback for $ 19.95 (CAD). A hardcover version of the book is now available on the official JV website.

The book is a significant addition to Jared’s marketing content database, which includes the Talk to JV podcast, a series of educational marketing videos, and the JV blog. Throughout her original content is her unique personal philosophy on marketing, which has helped many businesses of all sizes and in all industries shape their marketing strategies and create long-term value for their brands.

About the book

If you sell, you lose taking an unconventional approach to marketing and sales strategies. JV examines how brands have missed out on incredible growth opportunities by focusing on aspects of marketing that are outdated. The rapid pace of development of marketing tools has led brands and businesses to fall behind faster than ever. JV’s book offers a comprehensive strategy for marketing in the digital age.

The book explains why focusing on value rather than sales, people on products and stories on features earns brands more fans, followers and views. Using easily recognizable examples from brands around the world, Jared explains why some brands survived the first decades of the digital age and why others failed.

About Jared Vandermeer

Jared VanderMeer (JV) is a digital marketer, speaker, Canadian content creator and entrepreneur. He is also the creative muse and pioneering spirit behind Magnolias Consulting Group in Canada. From podcasting and videos to blogs and books, Jared is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of value-based marketing in our modern digital age. Find him on his favorite Youtube platform, with Youtube video marketing tips published weekly.

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If you sell you lose

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