Lana Del Rey Reveals Devices With Unreleased Music, Book Manuscript Stolen From Los Angeles Car


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Lana Del Rey took to Instagram to inform her followers that a laptop, three video cameras and several hard drives were stolen from her car while she was parked in Los Angeles.

Del Rey revealed the robbery at Melrose Place “a few months ago” resulted in the leaking of a number of unfinished songs, as well as personal photos found online. She was also forced to delete the files on her laptop, which included a lengthy manuscript.

“I had to remotely wipe the computer that contained my 200-page book for Simon & Schuster, which I hadn’t backed up to a cloud. … And despite that, people can still, this week, remotely access my phone and leak our personal songs and photos,” she said.

Lana expressed concern about the images contained in the stolen items, explaining that these recordings feature members of her family spanning the past two years.

LDR implored their fans to avoid listening to any of the leaked tracks. “And, as for the book, I loved the book that I lost with all my heart and put a lot of passion into it,” she said. “And as far as camcorders go, we’ll see what happens with that.”

Check out the videos below.

Lana Del Rey set to appear on ‘Snow on the Beach’ on Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album Midnightswhich arrives this Friday, October 21.

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