Marketing Book helps multi-site executives know where to start when building a digital marketing program and strategy.


On the Map is available in hardcover, paperback, audio and digital

Mary Cate Spire

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Digital Marketing Expert Shares Her Insights With Multi-Location Businesses

In a world that constantly challenges businesses to find new ways to show off, get picked, and improve, I recommend reading On The Map and keeping it near your desk.

— Jason Grier, EVP & COO at

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA, USA, July 27, 2022 / — Award-winning digital marketing expert, Mary Cate Spire, launched its first book, On The Map: How Multi-Location Businesses Can Use Digital Marketing to Grow Revenue and Stay Ahead of the Competition. The goal is to help motivate multi-site businesses to look to digital marketing trends that have been successful in other industries instead of just focusing on businesses in their niche.

Drawing on her unique background in digital marketing for multi-location businesses, Mary Cate Spiers outlines the ins and outs of digital marketing and teaches readers how to:
Create goal-based strategies
Develop better brand awareness
Generate more qualified traffic
Convert leads into sales and more

“In a world that is constantly forcing businesses to find new ways to get exposed, get picked, and improve, I recommend reading On The Map and keeping it near your desk. This guide to digital marketing will give you will serve your business and your customers well and enable you and your teams to navigate some of the most complex and ever-changing business environments the world has ever seen,” says Jason Grier , EVP & COO at, who wrote the book’s foreword.

Spires explains, “Staying stagnant and using old ways is a recipe for irrelevant marketing. Multi-site companies should recognize this change. It is crucial for businesses to develop a strategy around digital marketing and deploy it before they are left behind. The biggest challenge is that many businesses struggle to effectively deploy a digital marketing strategy across multiple sites. »
On The Map is designed to be a guide for multi-location businesses to deploy an intentional and strategic digital marketing strategy.

On The Map is currently available on Amazon (Hardcover) $24.99 (Paperback) $14.97 (Kindle) $7.99

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Mary Cate announces the release of her book.

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