NAPBC Announces New Best Practices E-Book


The NAPBC Education and Dissemination Committee developed the downloadable e-book, National Breast Center Accreditation Program: Best Practicesa new guide to help site assessors and accredited programs pursue quality improvement initiatives.

The committee began this project by asking how its members could bridge the gap between programs that grapple with a topic and those that have addressed these common challenges. Using feedback from site reviewers, the committee focused on the following topics:

  • Surveillance and Survival
  • Genetic
  • Clinical tests
  • Breast Optimization Conference
  • Innovations in patient care
  • Time and Talent Optimization Program Activities

As a foundation for the initiative, the committee defined best practices at the following levels:

  • Super efficient: a project that exceeds a standard
  • New: A project that solves a problem in a unique way
  • Ant and Rubber Tree Factory: A project that required perseverance to overcome previous obstacles or struggled to conform to a standard to achieve the desired result
  • Innovative: a project that responds to a new idea, creative need, or ingenuity in unexpected situations or ways

This compendium includes projects submitted by breast centers across the country, including new programs, legacy programs, and small and large programs. These projects are all feasible and can help programs move closer to achieving the highest level of breast care for patients.

“I hope you enjoy this manual and dream with me and then take action,” said NAPBC Education and Dissemination Committee Chair Collette A. Salm-Schmid, MD. , FACS, who served as the guide’s editor.

National Breast Center Accreditation Program: Best Practices is available for download in the Resources section of QPort.

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