New e-book explores the impact of climate change

A new eBook explains the impact of climate change and aims to motivate readers to reduce its consequences with simple and sustainable solutions.

“Climate Change Explained – for one and all,” released Thursday on Earth Day, is written by author and climate activist Aakash Ranison.

A mix of facts, data and information on climate change, he selects topics such as “Greenhouse effect, global warming, carbon footprint” and talks about their effects on the earth in the near future.

“People today may be familiar with the term ‘climate change’, but they don’t really know how we humans are causing it and what we can do to stop it. With my book ‘Climate Change Explained – For Everyone’, this is the void I’m trying to fill, ”said the 26-year-old author.

“My journey to sustainability has been to raise awareness about climate change and with this project supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13, I hope I can make a difference and we will all learn how our daily habits impact change. climate. “, he added.

According to research conducted by his team for the book, India ranks fifth in the 2020 Global Climate Risk Index, and the risk factor for the country is increasing every year due to rising temperatures, elevation of sea level around Mumbai, forest fires and plastic. waste production.

Profits from these platforms will be donated to Spiti Ecosphere, a social enterprise that focuses on creating sustainable livelihoods through conservation and the development of economies.

“We can no longer ignore the impact of human activities on nature. We need to make lasting changes to our way of life. Aakash’s book “Climate Change Explained for All” will help everyone better understand the relationship between nature and humans and live in harmony with it, ”said Ishita Khanna, Founder of Spiti Ecosphere.
“Climate Change Explained – for one and all”, exclusively available for free at, will also be available on Amazon, iBook and Google Books for Rs 20 from May 10.

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