Rajasthan Raj Bhawan distances himself: “No role in the marketing book business”


Raj Bhawan distanced himself on Sunday from the question of Rajasthan’s vice-chancellors going for the launch of the governor’s biography and returning with boxes of his copies and an invoice.

A statement on the official Raj Bhawan Twitter account on Sunday said that “some news has been circulating regarding the marketing of the book Kalraj Mishra – Nimitt Maatra Hoon Main, which was released to Raj Bhawan on July 1”.

“This is mainly personal information between the IIME publisher, the research institute and the buyer. The publisher had published the book and had requested permission to publish it in the Raj Bhawan, which he was granted. The Raj Bhawan has no role, no affiliation of any kind in the commercial activities of marketing the book, ”the statement said.

The Indian Express reported on Sunday that after the launch of a biography of Governor Kalraj Mishra on the occasion of his 80th birthday on July 1, the vice chancellors of the 27 state universities of Rajasthan met him and then headed for their official vehicles. Two boxes of books, with an invoice for

Rs 68,383 for 19 copies of the Governor’s biography in hardcover coffee table format, while an additional copy of the biography was free.

Raj Bhawan officials said Raj Bhawan was “just” a place and that the invitations to dignitaries, such as Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and others, were sent by the International Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (IIME), Jaipur.

A vice chancellor said: “So how did the books get into Raj Bhawan and later into every vehicle of a VC?” The VC said that if, unbeknownst to Raj Bhawan, “boxes of a book can get into VC vehicles, then the safety of Raj Bhawan and the VCs is greatly compromised.”

Chief Congressional Whip Mahesh Joshi said: “The office of governor is a constitutional office and commands immense respect. I don’t know why this controversy arose, but if there is controversy, then I think the governor will clear the air. “

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